Social & Opinion Research, Strategy & Communications

At Insightfully, we transform thoroughly researched insights into actionable strategies and communications.

Our qualitative focus groups, mini-groups and depth interviews go beyond telling clients what stakeholders think to uncovering messages and strategies that will really make a difference; our quantitative surveys and polling deliver the numbers to formulate and refine strategies, messages and creatives that really work. At Insightfully, we offer services in three key areas: Social and Market/Opinion Research, Strategic Communications, and Government Relations.

Insightfully was founded by highly respected market and social research professional Leanne White. Leanne has a track record of helping high-profile clients to develop and execute winning campaigns, manage regulatory challenges and change stakeholder behaviour.

Insightfully provides end-to-end market and social research fieldwork and project management.  Leanne’s research insights have been successfully utilised by leaders in Australian politics and industry for projects from ultra-fast crisis research to large, ongoing studies. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Qualitative research: Focus groups, depth interviews, triads, mini-groups, forums
  • Quantitative research: CATI (telephone), online, IVR, mixed-mode
  • Fast turnaround projects
  • Large studies and tracking
  • Key message and material development and testing
  • Persuasive language development for print, digital and video
  • Creative assessment: Working with creative agencies to develop and refine creatives for social and consumer campaigns.

Leanne’s background as a journalist for global publications including The Guardian and the Ireland-based Independent newspaper group means she knows the language that works to create impact and persuade stakeholders. Our strategic communications services include:

  • Communications strategy
  • Narrative writing
  • Development of key message sets

At Insightfully, we have an extensive understanding of the current political context especially in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, which allows us to guide clients in their government relations and lobbying activities with the right messages and strategies.

Meet Our Founder

Leanne White

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Insightfully is headed by highly respected social and market research professional Leanne White. Leanne has a track record of helping high-profile clients win election campaigns, manage regulatory challenges and change stakeholder behaviour.

Trusted by some of the most senior decision makers in Australia, the UK and New Zealand to provide high quality, accurate insights, Leanne has directly briefed prime ministers, state premiers, CEOs, board members, political operatives and corporate affairs professionals. 

Originally a trained journalist Leanne has parlayed her skills as a communicator into a career as a trusted social, opinion & market researcher and strategist. Her understanding of political and social context is crucial to uncovering the insights needed to help clients plan and communicate most effectively to solve their issues. 

Leanne has helped solve issues for clients across a wide range of sectors including:
  • Mining & resources
  • Higher education
  • Transport & infrastructure
  • Political campaigns
  • Health & pharmaceutical
  • Public affairs & policy development
  • Property
  • High-risk products
  • Financial services
  • & more
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